Axle Replacement, CV Joint Replacement & Driveshaft Repair

These components – axle replacement, cv joint replacement and driveshaft repair – are vital to the drivability and performance of your vehicle.

CV joints connect by the driveshaft.  Vehicles that are front wheel drive use CV joints on the front axles.  The CV joints allow the axle to change and bend while helping the bounce of the vehicle wheels. Through normal use, your vehicle’s axle, CV joints, and driveshaft components often require regular maintenance or replacement / repair services.

Signs to Look for when Scheduling an Inspection of Axle, CV Joint or Driveshaft:

  •   Clicking or clunking noises are often a sign that a CV joint needs to be replaced.
  •   Vibrations during acceleration may indicate a damaged driveshaft, though they may also point to an axle issue depending on the layout of your vehicle.
  •   Turning and steering issues can arise due to driveshaft problems.

CV joints often go bad when grease leaks out of a damaged CV boot, leading to degrading over time.

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